Evan Jacobs Bio

Evan Jacobs' interest in motion pictures dates back to his seventh birthday, when he received an 8mm Bell & Howell motion picture camera with which he produced many epic productions.

Aware that an understanding of the actor's craft would eventually serve him well as a director, Evan studied acting at South Coast Repertory's Young Conservatory program. Throughout his youth, Evan pursued an acting career, performing in local theater. He later would go on to study acting and directing at the acclaimed Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Seeking a formal overview of filmmaking, Jacobs attended Orange Coast College. He then ventured out to pursue his professional and artistic goals.

His first professional employment was as a production assistant at a leading Los Angeles visual effects company. He then worked his way up through the trenches of visual effects production. His work can be seen in such projects as Outbreak, Drop Zone, The Hunt for Red October, and many commercials. Jacobs served as miniatures supervisor on the feature film Ed Wood and then in 1994, Evan Jacobs founded (along with his colleagues Jon Warren and Douglas Miller) the Los Angeles based visual effects company Vision Crew Unlimited.

At Vision Crew Unlimited, Jacobs acted as Executive Producer and Visual Effects Supervisor. Vision Crew contributed effects work to many feature films such as The Mummy, Dinosaur, Armageddon, Jack Frost, Dante's Peak, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation and Titanic. The company was also very active in the commercial market, providing effects for Mazda, Lexus, Dr. Pepper, Nissan, Jeep, Dodge, Toyota, and Coca-Cola to name but a few.

In 1998, Jacobs was nominated by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Primetime Emmy Award) for Outstanding Achievement in Visual Effects for a Miniseries representing his company's contributions to HBO's From the Earth to the Moon.

In 2002, Jacobs and his partners closed Vision Crew to pursue other endeavors. Evan has focused his attention on directing since the shuttering the company, directing commercials
and most recently, a short film called Off the Wall which recieved the "Best of Fest" award at the 2003 Great Lakes Film Festival.

In 2003, Jacobs joined the management team at Digital Domain in Venice, CA. Then in 2005, Jacobs joined Toronto based visual effects firm Mr. X. There he has served as visual effects supervisor on Silent Hill, Hollywoodland, 16 Blocks, Waist Deep and The Return. He has since relocated back to Los Angeles.

Most recently, Jacobs was the on-set VFX Supervisor on the third installment of the popular Resident Evil film franchise, Resident Evil: Extinction.

Evan is also a noted still photographer. (Evan Jacobs online gallery)

Jacobs is an active member of the Visual Effects Society, a professional organization representing visual effects artists at the top of their field.

Evan has spoken at industry conferences such as Post/LA and was an instructor for the Entertainment Studies Extension Program at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) for three years.